Wednesday, July 8, 2009

we are still animal family

yuri.. we will reunion..
and the day might be in dis aug..
hopefully u can go..
dun think too much..
things might be changing..
but we have gone thru lot of things..
the memories cant be replace by anything..
we are still us..
just.. mayb too much personal prob happen to 6 of us..
uhm.. not to say problems..
but.. there are lot of personal things changed..
try to get involve..
not bcoz of anything..
but bcoz of the frenship..
we can do it b4..
and we still can do it now n in future :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A: apart

I am missing animal family..
I guess everyone is apart now..
Things does not use to be like how we use to be...

There will be one day where everyone will reunion. *hopefully*

Saturday, May 9, 2009

shall not close down.

Animal family blog is really damn dead. Yes, we do not have any members to update this blog. and due to some circumstances En has come out the idea which is to delete this blog. In my point of view, I think we shall not delete this blog, because it has left the history how us are brought together and going through all the shitty stuff & how well we went through our S.W.E.
Unfortunately, one of our member Kar Kuan Tan did not complete his training due to some obstacles. & there will always be less update due to US for being so busy with our college stuff. =D
besides we are seeing each other everyday in college... So it's just easy for to spills our the little gossip or secrets when you are together spending hours and hours of time sitting down at the cafeteria, class or even toilet, just to share our precious stuff to your dear ones'. It's such a great feeling for that.

Ok, so back to the point, this blog shall be remain as us will be graduating and it will be difficult for us to keep in-touch once we are in our very own field. Therefore this blog which has already existed is for us to update on our daily life to our dear ones'
I am stressing on here where this blog shall not be deleted as we can connect to each other when we are apart. =D

Saturday, May 2, 2009


shud i close dis blog?
everyone seems to be too busy
no one updating this DEAD blog..
where is all the animal gone?

Friday, April 3, 2009





Thursday, February 12, 2009

animal family blog seems to be like so dead since last post by Soyan.
i am here to make not-so-lifeless. lmao.
first of all, I MISS YOU GUYS!!!
SWE is like a night mare.
i don't feel like going to work.

M.O is so freaking scary. i swear. you wouldn't wanna hear.
everything talk about black and white.
omg.. really freak ppl off.

currently i am in GRO-Guest Relationship Officer.
practically, i always.. hmm.. i mean most of the time will be standing like a vase in lobby & smile.
well, it's like freaking 7 hours a day.
i feel like giving up.
it's not easy to go through everything. sigh.
i know. everyone is being apart now.
i miss those days where by we have our BBQ plaza session, Karaoke session & overnight at each other house.
feel like crying but there's no tears.

i am tired. i am sick.

anyway, it's just a short update regarding my miserable SWE life.
what about you guys?
hope & pray that you guys are doing really great.
it's like 2 more months to go.

and is there any plan coming up?
like any trip?

hope to hear from you ppl.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Year Of The OX~~~

It's the end of the old year, and welcome of the New YEAR...

And this new year, happens to be the Year Of The OX~~~

It's going to be a moo-licious year ahead so gamble your way through this red occasion and collect as much red packets as you can to survive the year (of recession)...

But most importantly, give and take as much happiness and prosperity as you can. That's the most important thing. You know why? Because no winnings or red packet contents can buy happiness. wah~~~

Anyway... Just drop by to wish you guys -

It's time to sit back, relax and watch some dancing lions perform their glorious stunts with the help of the loud banging by the Chinese drummers, well drummer actually...

Better do as you're told or else...
The big giant grey OX will come chasing after you!!!
Happy Chinese New Year!!!